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10 August 2015 @ 04:51 pm
KimeBLOG Translations~ [150731] - [150804]  
Sorry for the random absence... had a busy week... (my birthday, yay~~) But I'm back now~~ (and I've got 11 posts to translate!! (the recent ones anyway, I'll get to the past ones eventually, haha)

So, here's posts no.s 2609 - 2612!!

31st July 2015 00:49:09
I received some headphones from ONKYO-san~Happy
Each character from Bakumatsu Ultra Souls has an original design
I got Yoshinobu’s colour, white, Konitan who plays Naosuke also got the same white, and Yuuki got black

Thank you very much

I went home immediately and used them

[0] I think it’s interesting how Kime spelt ‘headphones’ two different ways, ヘドフォン andヘド.

1st August 2015 00:30:00
Beach Barbeque
Went home from practice with Yata-chan & Tomotsune Yuuki, and we came to eat seafood and meat

So many clams♪ [1]

They were delicious~ (^o^)
Due to three people who ate a lot of garlic in order to gain power, tomorrow’s practice hall might stink  (laugh)

[1] to be precise, they are common orient clams.

1st August 2015 13:10:57

It’s August now~!

To those who have birthdays this month, Happy Birthday~

Have a lovely yearキラキラ

Speaking of August!

Bakumatsu Rock!!

Coming soon!

4th August 2015 18:35:45
[From Staff] “Everyone! Dolfes 2015” Cast Confirmed!

“Everyone! Dolfes 2015”

14th (Wednesday) – 15th (Thursday) October 2015


Composition/Staging: Q-TARO

Song Lyrics: Ueno Keiko

Music: Ooishi Ken’ichirou

Choreography: Motoyama Shinnosuke/ Kuroda Ikuyo/ Toma Satomi/ Q-TARO


Martian ★ Maru (Nakao Masaki)  Venusian ★ Vee (Kogawa Yuta)  Jovian ★ JuuJuu (Kage Kouji)  Saturnian ★ Dotto (Sakiyama Tsubasa)  Uranian ★ Rei (Furuya Yamato) / Plutonian ★ Pomi (Fukushima Kaita) [1]
Mouse Boy~ From “Small Hero”~
George (Katou Mao)  Box (Iruma Rui)  Gerard (Sakagaki Reiji)  Robert (14th: Imada Ryuto / 15th: Kato Ryosuke)  Hans (14th: Matsuda Masaki / 15th: Saito Kenshin)
Kamotora Kacho

[New Moon /Crescent Moon]
Akou/Akagawa (Matsuno Takashi)  Aoba (Hatakeyama Ryo)  Asagi Jun (Ono Kazuki) / Shirogane Mikoto (Shiota Kouhei)

[Present 5]

Yamato Kyousuke (Satou Ryuji)  Nagino Youhei (Saikawa Ko-ji)  Kayashi Akira (Hattori Tsubasa / starring only on the 15th)  Kazama Yukihiro (Ishii Mark) Midorigawa Sakuya (Oohira Shun’ya)

Nakajima Shintarou (Kimeru)  Shindai Eita (Kato Mao)

14th (Wednesday) 12pm / 4pm / 8pm
15th (Thursday) 2pm /6pm
Doors open 45 minutes before performance starts

Ticket Prices
5,500¥ (Advanced sale . on the day / reference number attached standing / tax included)
For the first hour when you arrive you can get 1 drink for the special price of  500¥

Advance booking starts 2015 August 30th (Sunday) 10am~

Ticket management
e+ (e Plus)
http://eplus.jp/dolfes2015/ (PC or Mobile)
The FamiPort inside Family Mart stores

Ticket Pia
http://w.pia.jp/t/dolfes2015/ (PC or Mobile)
0570-02-9999  (P code: 446-021)
7-11, Circle K . Sunkus, offer Ticket Pia
Phone numbers starting with 0570 are NTT nabi systems.
      Some mobile phones, PHS, IP phones, CATV connection phones do not work.
      Please confirm with your contractor if a connection is possible or not.

For our guests who are wheelchair users , please contacts Nelke Planning in advance.

Official Site

Enquiries regarding tickets

Sunrise Motion Tokyo 0570-00-3337 (Friday to Sunday 10am~6pm)
Enquires regarding performances
Nelke Planning 03-3715-5624 (Weekdays 11am~6pm)

 [1] Each of the characters are aliens from different planets (Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto) and their names are so cute derive either from the English or Japanese pronunciation of the planet’s name.        

So, I'll get the next 7 translated and posted sometime soon (dinner time nau~ ^_^) but HOPEFULLY I'll get them up before tomorrow... *fingers crossed*