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10 August 2015 @ 10:30 pm
KimeBLOG Translations~ [150805] - [150811]  
 from SNSDI literally had this all done, and I went to check Kime's blog for something, and he'd posted another one!! T^T At least it was short, haha~

So, here's post no.s 2613 - 2620

5th August 2015 14:57:41
Finally! Rock!

The final practice for Bakumatsu Rock is over!
The song is super/seriously enjoyable

I also want to wave the penlight like the audience~!
I’m jealous~ (laugh)
Super Ultra Musical Goods are now for sale.
Check them out at the official site, ne
Details about the gods are here: http://bakumatsu.marv.jp/stage/goods.html
In August, we’re approaching the first day in Ōsaka then from the 13th we go to Tokyo…
The final performance is also being viewed live nationwide!

Everyone Rock! Let’s go crazy for another showing!

Get your penlights ready… and do your best! (ω)/

5th August 2015 23:43:14
I went to see the first day’s performance of the play, “K”!
Because I also saw previous play, I’m glad I got to see this one

It was so interesting! キラキラ

The illuminations were pretty too~

Sa! We’re headed towards Bakumatsu Rock in Ōsaka!

I took a picture with Ryou-chan

I want to go to an onsen together again (^-^)

And Juri-chan

It was nice (laugh)
Since it was so busy as it’s the first day, I only took pictures with two people

Everyone, do your best until the end~ (^-^)/

7th August 2015 00:05:01
In Ōsaka! [1]
We’ve come to Ōsaka for Bakumatsu Rock ♪ [2]
I can’t wait for the Ōsaka performance (^-^)/

Gorilla, Gorilla I kept saying this for about 9 months..
Tomotsune Yuuki…

Brought me gorilla socks (laugh)

Kime: “How should I say this, why do you have those? (laugh)”
Yuu: “I got them from my granny a while back”

Kime: “right, it would have to be someone you know who bought them, ne (laugh)”
After theatre practice, I took a picture with that Yuuki

After playing to the gallery, I went with Konitan, Gorilla and Papa- to eat meat[3]

Going to sleep now to be ready for tomorrow.

Goodnight zzz

[1] Kime used Kansai-ben here, and やで is basically the same as だよorだぞ in standard Japanese. I LOVE Kansai-ben~~ Anyone else??
[2] More Kansai-ben~ まっせis the equivalent of ますよ.
[3] I guess another translating for場当た, would be a dress rehearsal, but I liked the sound of “playing to the gallery”, haha.

7th August 2015 18:10:19
[From Staff] “Everyone! Dolfes 2015” Tickets presale notification
Notification about ticket presale for “Everyone! Dolfes 2015”

On August 30th (Sunday) to be the first for general sales, we will carry out presales.
Check out the details with the following URL

8th August 2015 00:56:52
Ōsaka Rock!
I’m looking forward to the first Bakumatsu Rock performance in Ōsaka
Everyone~, wait for us~

↑ a different version from Twitter
Tomorrow… oh, the day changed, today!

Super Ultra Musical Bakumatsu Rock!

We’ll be raising the curtain in Ōsaka!

In order to gain stamina!

I went for yakiniku today as well!

With Tomotsune Yuuki.

We ate a lot between us (laugh) [1]

Right, let’s do our best!

[1] I cry happy tears when Kime posts about food~~ ^_^
On a completely unrelated note, does anyone else think that Kime looks like Kim Taeyeon from SNSD in the first pic in this blog post? Too cute!!

9th August 2015 01:13:17
Bakumatsu Rock curtain is up!
Although I’m late, the curtain for Bakumatsu Rock’s first day is up!
I feel powered up with the anticipation for Super Ultra Musical Bakumatsu Rock

There’s one more day of the Ōsaka performances.

Then, we go to Tokyo!

Although the tickets sold out, it seems they’re still offering same-day tickets, so definitely GET them and LET’S ROCK

The show is over, we’re having our first day celebrations, there’s a mess of pictures to transfer so I’ll upload and merge them! [1]

BLACK10, who I act alongside, uploaded this.
After not meeting for a super long time, we had a meal!

His hairstyle didn’t upload, bad luck, it became somewhat invigorating (laugh) [2]

About today, he gathered up some of our friends from our Kumamoto days,  although it was a short time, it was lots of fun
Right, there’s 2 performances tomorrow, so I’ll do my best Yoshinobu-sama

[1] I’m not 100% on this sentence... but I think I got the gist of it. ^_~
[2] I have no idea… I want to see his hairstyle now though, haha

9th August 2015 22:06:08
Ōsaka Bakumatsu Rock was lots of fun
All 4 performances of the Ōsaka performances for Bakumatsu Rock are over!
They were so much fun!

Next is Tokyo!

☆ Wait for us

Bang. [1]

Pictures♪ Pictures♪

Yesterday’s different pattern.

Unexpectedly, I met Aoki Tsune-chan at the shinkansen platform!!

It was a shock ♪

[1] I hope this isn’t a spoiler for the play… haha

11th August 2015 00:46:52
Boogie Woogie is over!
The guest this time is someone I haven’t see in a long time, Kamakari KenKen. [1]

It was a lot of fun~
Maybe because I’m used to eating shaved ice, I didn’t get much brain freeze.

Kazuki got a lot of it (brain freeze) (laugh)

I guess it’s genetic.

Right, tomorrow, from morning I’ve got a photoshoot for Aoharu Tetsudou… after that, I’m behind schedule for a dress rehearsal and such for Bakumatsu Rock.

I’ll do my best!

[1] Ie; he played Shishido Ryo (Hyotei first generation) in TeniMyu, and was part of (now disbanded) Cocoa Otoko.

jjlee1jjlee1 on August 18th, 2015 05:30 am (UTC)
Sorry, I've been missing out on a lot. From what I can see in this post, it seems like Kimeru is in another play, Bakumatsu? ahhh I'd like to see his performance!!
Yes! I like Kansai-ben too! Sorry to ask...he speaks Kansai-ben mostly? I'm not sure...

Thank you so much for this!! Even though it was 11 posts (right?), it was great! I actually prefer reading more, in large chunks...I enjoyed reading it! :)
LAUREN 「ローレン」 [로렌]innocenteyes04 on August 18th, 2015 01:32 pm (UTC)

Yea, they've just finished with Bakumatsu...sadly... but it will be coming out on DVD and blu-ray (dunno when though)

No, Kimeru mostly uses standard Japanese (with a lot of slang) and sometimes adds Kumamoto-ben (his hometown dialect) but as he was in Osaka, he decided to uses some Kansai-ben. (Sorry for the long answer, haha)

You're welcome! I think it's 11 posts, I didn't check after posting, haha Right, well then you'll LOVE the next batch I've got (should be up today or tomorrow if I get stuck), it's 13-ish posts!! Thanks for commenting, I sometimes feel like no-one reads these... ♡

jjlee1jjlee1 on August 18th, 2015 10:12 pm (UTC)
Thank you for the clarification!!
It's ok, feel free to write as much as you like.
I would feel the same way as you, if nobody responded. But maybe some people are shy!
I'll do my best to read as many blog translations as I can! Looking forward to the next ones!
Thank you!!