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18 September 2015 @ 07:29 pm
KimeBLOG Translations~ [150828] - [150918]  
Yay~ I'm back~~ After 2 weddings and a cold~ So happy to be back to translating~!! ^_^

I'm surprised at how few posts there were in this 3 weeks period, well, Kime HAS been super busy (too busy if you ask me.... >_<;;)

Posts no.s 2651 - 2666~

28th August 2015 12:18:07
Photoshoot and GO-ZEN

I was in an interview since this morning.

30th September is the release date for “StagePASH!Vol.5” (Shufu to Seikatsusha publisher) [1]

They interviewed these 4 people from Aoharu Tetsudou


Buchou is tall, and too close (+_+)


I’m off to GO-ZEN practice now!

[1] This publisher, 主婦と生活社 is literally called “Housewife and Daily Life Company”

29th August 2015 16:44:53
Shinkansen [1]

I went to see GekidanShinkansen’s “Goemon vs Goten” with YUNA-kun.


It was super interesting

The serious playing of all of the veteran actors’s was too much fun!

I laughed too much (^^)/

I got to meet Matsuyuki Yasuko-san, who’s like an older sister to me, and also Katou Gaku-chan who I haven’t seen in a long time.

The truth is…

My previous manager was Hiruti.

I think my fans from back then will also remember this person… ← before Sawabee, ne.

Matsuyuki Yasuko-san → YUNA-kun → Kimeru

Is the order in which he was our manager (laugh)

The truth is that we’re connected.

I feel the connection between us.

[1] No, Kime didn’t misspell Shinkansen(新感線 instead of 新幹線) (as I originally thought…) but it’s the name of the theatre group (劇団新感線).

30th August 2015 19:59:47
Aoharu Tetsudou, Hurry~!

Today, until 59 minutes past 11pm on the 30th!

Musical “Aoharu Tetsudou” official advance reservation.

Advanced Reservation Time Period
30th August (Sunday) 12:00pm~11:59pm

Sale of advanced tickets takes place before general sales.

For those who think they’re going to go, get your tickets as soon as possible!

Cast comment have also started to flow in on the official HP.

Check it out, ne

Now, GO-ZEN practice is over, and I’m on my way home.

Stage combat is next.

Here’s a picture of everyone who got a character Ame-chan [1]


Before everyone ate them, we took a picture of us holding the Ame-chan
While saying this, I already had a Dorami-chan in my mouth (laugh)

I’m holding a Doraemon Ame-chan but nonchalantly I stole an extra one as they tries to take the picture (laugh)

[1] Ame-chan(飴ちゃん) is a type of sweet/candy.

1st September 2015 12:00:00
(From Staff) Cast Size Special Talk Live Cast Confirmed!

Cast Size Special Talk Live Part One

23rd (Wednesday-Holiday) September 2015
Doors Open: 9:50am / Show Start: 10:30am / Show Ends: 11:30am
Location: Shibuya eggman
Cast: Kimeru, Fuse Yuuya
MC: Picnic

There is a possibility of guests participating
In the event of this occurring, the site below will announce when it happens.
Reception Desk will Start Taking Applications5th (Saturday) September 2015 at 9:00am
This will be on a first come first served basis.

Application and details are on the following
Cast Size Event Mobile Site

1st September 2015 12:00:33
[From Staff] 15th Anniversary Live Event Confirmed!

Kimeru 15th Anniversary Live Event 2015
5th (Saturday) December 2015 Tokyo Aoyama TSUKIMIRU-KIMIOMOU
OPEN 11:30am / START 12:00pm

Limited to Shining members, after the end of the performance, we’re holding a handshake event!
Please have your Shining membercard with you on the day.
Tickets: Advanced Tickets 5,000 (Tax included / Drinks separate)
INFORMATION: Desk Garage 050-5533-0888 (weekday 12:00pm~7:00pm)
General Sales: 7th (Saturday) November 2015 10:00am~ at each ticket agency

Limited to Shining members
Advanced reservation desk open!
The application page is on a dedicated page for Shining members inside “Shining Information”, please check it out.
Cannot apply from Desk Garage Official HP.
Definitely, please access from the page URL

Lottery Entry Time Period
1st (Tuesday) September 2015 12:00pm ~ 15th (Tuesday) September 2015 1:00pm

Results Announcement Date
The evening of 15th (Tuesday) September 2015

Regarding the Information Desk
For the application, it is necessary to verify your ID: Member Number - 7 digits (no hypens) and Password: Registered birthday on Shining - 4 digits
Official Information Desk, it is not necessarily that priority seating are the good seats, please note that reference numbers are not prepared beforehand.
[Information Desk Contact Details]
Desk Garage 050-553300888 (Weekdays 12:00pm-7:00pm)

1st September 2015 21:35:28

It’s now September!

To those with birthdays this month, Happy Birthday~!

Have a lovely year!


On the 5th of December, for the 15th anniversary, as one big show was very popular we’re holding the “Attraction” live event!

I did a live in Fukuoka so why don’t we do the Attraction live in Tokyo!

Please wait for boarding [1]

Sales of priority tickets for fanclub members is in progress.

Check out the member site, ne.

Everyone in the fan club, there’s a handshake event after the performance

15th year one shot live! Let’s enjoy it with all our hearts!

This morning, I looked at the schedule and…

I saw a mail to the voice actor, Kakki, wishing him a happy birthday.

I was half asleep, so I mistook “Yanagihara” and “Kakihara”  (+_+)  [2]

Furthermore, another time when I asked Yanagihara-san from Amezari [3] to join line, I accidently removed him from the group, double fail ←Oi-!

Kakki has the same birthday as God, on Christmas Eve.

GO-ZEN practice is going well!

Today, everyone was present at last


[1] I think Kime is pretending to be a flight attendant here, haha
[2] Both are actually voice actors AND their ‘first’ names are both Tetsuya! Yanagihara Tetsuya’s birthday is September 1st, and Kakihara Tetsuya’s birthday is December 24th.
[3] Yanagihara Tetsuya is half of the comedy duo “America Zarigari”, which is shortened to Amezari.

6th September 2015 14:30:55

Practice for GO-ZEN today as well!

We’ll practice through the night.

Let’s do our best with confirming the programme!

Although there’s another performance of –GO-ZEN”, by adding new characters, the wonderful contents will also change.

Day after day, it’s a worry when the dialogue and stage combat change, as everyone creates a good performance, the atmosphere of the practice hall overflows with a seriously good feeling.

I can’t wait to go on stage.

Among the Musical “GO-ZEN” goods, there are cast message cards, but we’ll do our best to write on the blank cards correctly, ne


17th (Thursday) ~ 20th (Sunday) September
Theatre Sun Mall

Dedicated Kimeru Ticket Form

6th September 2015 22:02:39
Kusshi- Happy Birthday [1]

Practice for GO-ZEN today as well.

Everyone is fired up!

Samu-san (Ishizaga Isamu) is cool! (laugh)

Today is Kusshi-‘s, that is, Kushida-san’s birthday!


The first time I acted alongside Kusshi- I thought there were also people I didn’t know there, the truth is that at the drag queen musical, Lipsynca, as the staging director, I am indebted to him.
In GO-ZEN, Kusshi- plays the part of a person in the Fujiwara family, so I’m happy that we’re so connected.

Everyone from Lipsynca is full of energy, naa~.

[1]  The Japanese really love to abbreviate everything… haha クッシーハピバ is short for “Kusshi- Happy Birthday”

7th September 2015 13:01:27
[From Staff] Cast Size Event Guest Participation

Cast Size Special Talk Live

Part One 23rd (Wednesday – Holiday) September 2015
Doors Open: 9:50am / Performance Start: 10:30am / Performance Ends: 11:30am
Location: Shibuya eggman
Cast: Kimeru, Akaba Mio, Ibuka Katsuhiko, Miyazaki Shouta, Fuse Yuuya
MC: Picnic

During Receipt of Admissions
Entry and details are on the Cast Size Event Mobile Site below

Look forward to it!

8th September 2015 21:28:59
La Corda d’Oro

Because GO-ZEN practice ended early, we went to see the musical play “La Corda d’Oro”.


The truth is that last night I went out to eat with Kandai & Sakkii, at that time since we finished early, they told us to come, so we went.


↑Sakkii joined us after this.

Muro Tatsuki also was there, but in this photo, he wasn’t in the shot.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen everyone again.

La Corda d’Oro…

It was a very Yoshitani-san-esque performance.

The live sound was seriously good

I also have to go to Tenimyu Rudolph!!!

I wonder when I can go….

11th September 2015 18:05:08
[From Staff] Musical “Aoharu Tetsudou” daily special guest announcement!

Musical “Aoharu Tetsudou” daily special guest announcement!!

The daily special guests to take the part of the Yamanote Line actor have been confirmed!

18th (Wednesday)            19:00                     Takagi Shun
19th (Thursday)                  19:00                     Saki Masato
20th (Friday)                        14:00 / 19:00       Satou Hisanori
21st (Saturday)                   13:00 / 18:00       Saotome Jyouji
22nd (Sunday)                     13:00 / 18:00       Seto Yuusuke
23rd (Monday – Holiday)               13:00 18:00         Kamakari Kenta

There could be the event that the guest has to be substituted last minute, please acknowledge this beforehand.

For the performance detail, please check out the URLs below.


Performance Summary

14th September 2015 18:53:42
GO-ZEN’s last practice! Then onwards to Boogie Woogie

Finished the last practice, now I’m heading towards where we film Boogie Woogie.

In order to get to GO-ZEN’s last practice, these past few days I’ve been using the Seibu-Ikebukurou Line (laugh) [1]

It was a weird feeling to kind of ride myself (laugh)

I can’t wait for November’s Aoharu Tetsudou

Today is Nico Live!

14th (Monday) September from 10pm

Guests: Higuchi Yuuta, Sugie Taishi
KimeruKatou KazukiYagami Ren

Boogie WoogieNight

Today’s Boogie Woogie guests are Yuuta and Taishi from “Kyou Kara Maou!”!

Because there’s two guests, there’ll be lots of chit-chat, ne (laugh)

And, it was the last practice for “GO-ZEN”

Finally the performance is soon!

17th (Thursday) ~ 20th (Sunday) September
Theatre Sun Mall

Dedicated Kimeru Ticket Form


This way of life is good!

We completed a masterpiece that touches one’s heart.

…it’s okay to cry.

To those who are confused, definitely go!

Today was Samu-san and Kentarou’s birthday


Everyone is seriously passionate!

karaka… everyone is close friends [2]





During practice break-time, everyone went to eat various foods.

It was great that various delicious things were discovered


Especially the main actor Akkii and the heroine Selen, they were very good!

Then, Samu-san, ne….

He felt his heart in the theatre, so asked me to carry his legs. [3]
He’s waiting.

[1] The funny thing is that Kime plays the Seibu-Ikebukurou Line!!
[2] I have no idea what からか means… Any ideas?
[3] At least, that’s what I think went on…

15th September 2015 00:17:25
Boogie Woogie

Boogie Woogie is over!!

It was a lot of fun~

Cinderella Etude (laugh)


Next time is 12th of October!!

Right! Tomorrow I’ve got a photoshoot from morning, so I have to get ready quickly then go to bed.

17th September 2015 09:12:54
GO-ZEN First Day

Finally it’s the first day of the performance!

Musical “GO-ZEN”

17th (Thursday) ~ 20th (Sunday)

Theatre Sun Mall

Dedicated Kimeru Ticket Form

Make sure to get your same-day tickets for today, ne

Fujiwara-sama is going (^-^)/


18th September 2015 00:05:06
The first day of GO-ZEN

GO-ZEN, the curtain is raised for the first day!

After this there’s 3 days and 6 performances left, everyone will enchant you!

To everyone who went to the first performance, thank you very much!

Thank you very much for your letters, presents and flowers too

Today’s talk guests Shouta & Zushi-chan. We took a Nobunyaga-face Nyashari [1] [2]


[1] Nobunyaga – Nobunaga, but cat-like
[2] Nyashari –a cat-version of pashari (the sound of taking a picture)

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geebaby757: Chibi Sparkly Seigakugeebaby757 on September 20th, 2015 03:31 am (UTC)
Thank you as always for these translations! I love how in the Aoharu pics TakiEiji starts off close to Kime and then gets even closer. XD I also find it hilarious how close the 1st!Cast guys are to each other and then there's Shouta off to the side. Plus, there's the fact that Kime still goes to Tenimyu shows. Too much here to love.
LAUREN 「ローレン」 [로렌]innocenteyes04 on September 20th, 2015 11:33 pm (UTC)

You're welcome~~
I know, I'm still squeeing over this 1st gen reunion of-sorts~ Poor Shota though...

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