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06 December 2015 @ 09:35 pm
KimeBLOG Translations - [151102] - [151114]  
...yeah, long time no see... I've been translating this past few days so I've got 12 posts for you now! (not a lot, but I was super tired after that wedding...) I've got another 4 day weekend next week, so I'm planning to finish up November, and go back to what I've missed in October, and HOPEFULLY get a start on December's posts!!! Wish me luck!!!

Here's post no.s 2692 - 2704

2nd November 2015 11:49:46
[From Staff] SuperUltra Musical “Bakumatsu Rock” DVD Event Information Notification

SuperUltra Musical “Bakumatsu Rock” DVD event information notification!!

Day: 21st February

Location: Tokyo Kinkou

Super Cast: Rachi Shinji, Oota Motohiro, Yata Yuusuke, Teruma, Kotani Yoshikazu, Tomotsune Yuuki, Kimeru
There is the possibility of cast changes.

Super MC:  Yamagishi Takuo will oversee the proceedings.

Everyone who got an invitation, reserve it at the meeting place. Those who reserve it in Animate, will take part in a lottery draw. Please take part in the lottery without hesitation!

Please check out the rest of the details on the Official Site.

2nd November 2015 20:36:42

It’s November now!

To those who have their birthday this month, Happy Birthday!

I hope you have a lovely year キラキ

Today, on my way to rehearsals, I bumped into Naosuke and Konitan

I was in a hurry, so I couldn’t take a picture.

Konitan, good luck in your stage play too~

When I went home from rehearsals, I wanted to eat some cake and went the whole way to buy it, but then I left my umbrella.

I’ll have to go and get it back soon.

november 01.jpg

As tomorrow is a break from rehearsals, I’ll be taking the day to do a photoshoot for Fan Club Shining.
The plan for the photoshoot is to go on a ○○, so I’m really excited

3rd November 2015 20:56:54
Seibu Ikebukurou Line

Today is a photoshoot to be used for the Fan Club newsletter, I’m going to ride on the Seibu Ikebukurou Line and Chichibu Railway

Wait for the December newsletter
This newsletter is a little late since 5th December is the estimated time of uploading, please bear with us.

I rode on the SL

This line is the one Moriyama Eiji-san is acting as, Chichibu Railway.

It was super cool, I’m glad I went  (▽≦)/

This was my first time using the continuous shooting function (laugh)

november 02.jpg

november 03.jpg

november 04.jpg

november 05.jpg

november 06.jpg

november 07.jpg

november 08.jpg

november 09.jpg

Amazing force

But, black smoke stinks! (laugh)

The scenery from the window was also amazing

The trees have started to change colour!

And, I also came out for a manga…

november 10.jpg

There weren’t any automatic ticket gates (laugh)

But, they gave me a ticket, and I enjoyed the analogue feeling

I bought some omiyage, as I intend to bring them to rehearsals tomorrow

I also bought some for everyone in the Fan Club

Then, I rode on the Seibu Ikebukurou Line…

“Did you hear that Japan’s capital city is Tokorozawa!” (Aoharu Tetsudou: Seibu Ikebukurou) [1]
So, I also went to the famous… Tokorozawa!

november 11.jpg

november 12.jpg

Although it was a day off, it seemed like there was an event going on, there was a serious amount of people using the Seibu Ikebukurou Line, it kinda made my heat warm.

Good luck Seibu Ikebukurou Line.

President, banza~i!!

In order to return to the metropolitan area, I had to go on Naoya’s Takasaki Line and, Tosshii‘s Saikyō Line (laugh)

[1] Is this a line from the manga? 『日本の首都は所沢と聞いているわ!』

4th November 2015 18:08:44
Yamanote Line actor, Shunri

I’m in the studio now doing the TD for the new song. [1]


I want to hurry up to let everyone hear it!

Until just now I was in the Aoharu Tetsudou practice hall, but here’s a picture I took with the Yamanote line daily special guest, Shunri

november 13.jpg

I wanted to see Mamo, but he told me they went out to go to do some radio (^-^)

Then, I had more cake yesterday too (laugh)

november 14.jpg


I went to get my umbrella that I left behind, as I went to great trouble to buy it.

[1] Anyone know what a “TD” is??

6th November 2015 11:58:33
Everyone assemble!

From yesterday’s Aoharu Tetsudou practice.

november 15.jpg

Pedal Team, welcome to Fukuoka!

We practiced the whole way through

There are places I still haven’t visited but I’ve see them! [1]

[1] Not sure if he’s talking about places in Fukuoka, or parts of Aoharu Tetsudou…

6th November 2015 17:00:00
[From Staff] 15th Anniversary Live Event Guest Confirmed! & Notification

Priority sales for the 15th anniversary live event tickets start tomorrow onwards

Koji Date-san performance as the guest guitarist has been confirmed!

And again, get excited in outer space with the light-up bracelets, which have been confirmed for sale

You can use light-up bracelets or other small items from other stores as long as the light intensity isn’t too strong!
(penlights will block the video footage, so please refrain from bringing them)

There are also plans to sell the towel that is indispensable for live!

Let’s make the live exciting together

General Information
●Kimeru 15th Anniversary Live Event 2015
5th December (Saturday) 2015
Location: Tokyo – Aoyama Moon Romantic
OPEN 11:30 / START 12:00
Tickets: Advanced sales 5,000tax inone drink
Guest: Koji Date
INFORMATION: Desk Garage 050-05533-0888 (weekday 12:00~19:00)

Priority sale: 7th November (Saturday) 2015 from 10:00am

Ticket Pia
P Code: 274-742


Lawson Ticket
L-Code: 73598

6th November 2015 18:25:09
Bakumatsu Rock Collab Café

I came to Omotesando after much trouble so I could go to the café which was a collaboration between Tower Records and Bakumatsu Rock

There’s related merchandise, in a form that doesn’t match the performing actors of the play, it was enjoyable so I was super happy.

But today I went alone so I was slightly trembling (laugh)

The first time I opened the door, I recoiled from/flinched at the Bakumatsu Rock music, left the shop and did one lap of the street (laugh)

Then I came back, after I had gained some courage (laugh)

When I had turned my back, maybe no-one found me out. [1]

november 16.jpg

Below is the Bakumatsu Rock collab menu.

There are Shinsengumi and Tokugawa menus.

november 17.jpg

There isn’t a main course for the 3 main people.

There isn’t even a panel, is there one in the Shibuya store I wonder?

The thing I ordered from the Bakumatsu Rock collab menu was… of course!

Ue-sama’s Afternoon Tea

Which is the Tokugawa drink set.

I got a Sou-chin coaster

november 18.jpg

It was delicious (^-^)/

The look of the inside.

When I turned around, these two were watching me as I ate my afternoon tea, but…

november 19.jpg

november 20.jpg

Surprisingly, the illustration goes until they’re bare (laugh)

It didn’t match the feeling of eating my afternoon tea (laugh)

The two from the Shinsengumi were inside the shop.

november 21.jpg

november 22.jpg

Ue-sama was also on the other wall

november 23.jpg

november 24.jpg

In the end, I was trembling but I enjoyed myself

If I get the chance, I want to go to the Shibuya one too (laugh)

[1] I think Kime means that he thinks (read: hopes) that no-one recognised him as he hightailed it out of the Bakumatsu café like a scared puppy.

6th November 2015 18:51:23
General sales start tomorrow!

The start of the general sales for the 15th anniversary Attraction live on 5th of December is…

Dateko, “Date Koji” is taking part as the guest guitarist

I can’t wait

Dateko also wants to go to space together (laugh)

Let’s get excited for the Attraction live with the sale of the light-up bracelets and also the towel that is indispensable for lives!

Although we won’t block the video recording of the performance with light-up things, let’s enjoy sparkling, shining space travel together

The setlist is also almost decided.

I can’t wait to do a collaboration with music from outer space

For those who still haven’t got their tickets, make sure to get them tomorrow in the general sales, ne

10th November 2015 00:45:15
Boogie Woogie DVD version decided/confirmed!! Kirakira

In today’s Boogie Woogie, there was an announcement, the 5th anniversary DVD is confirmed for sale!!

november 25.jpg

Information about the DVD is planned to go up later on Amazon.

Please check the official Twitter for information, ne!

The start day is 28th December!

We did a special compilation for the DVD too

The 1st main part of the DVD will be about the 1st year of Boogie Woogie♪ [1]

Thanks you for always cheering us on, ne

The next Boogie Woogie live broadcast is the 14th of December which is Ren-chan’s birthday!

[1] I have no idea if this came out right… I might check the Amazon page if I get a chance…

12th November 2015 02:55:58
Pocky day

Yesterday was Pocky day.

I took picture with the Aoharu Tetsudou members with Pocky

Tosshii, the Saikyo line actor♪

Congratulations on your wedding

november 26.jpg

Abe-bi, the actor for the Yuurakuchou line!

november 27.jpg

november 28.jpg

Shouta, the Toujouhon line actor, and Basshii, the Keihin Tohoku line actor.

november 29.jpg

One with Nagayan, who plays the Tokaido Shinkansen.

november 30.jpg

Ikkei, the Rinkai line actor.

november 31.jpg

Seiya, the actor for the Utsunomiya line.

november 32.jpg

Eiji-san, who plays the Chichibu Railway.

november 33.jpg

november 34.jpg

12th November 2015 22:39:01
Start cheering for your Idols! At Aoharu Tetsudou practice…

The cheering preparations for December’s idol stage have started!

What kind of feeling will the nest stage have, I wonder?

I can’t wait, ne

At the Aoharu Tetsudou practice hall

We took pictures with the daily special guest, Sato-chan

november 35.jpg

november 36.jpg

Then, these two big people took a picture

november 37.jpg

In addition to being tall, Taku-san is a problem/worry (laugh) [1]

[1] Aww, poor TakiEiji… It’s not his fault he’s so tall, haha

13th November 2015 18:00:32
[From Staff] “CHaCK-UP-Episode.0-“, additional information lifted/revealed!!

The story of Rei, the Imperial Prince of Neptune,
will be delivered to you as a magnificent musical.
The musical part lyrics are met by Mitsuya Yuuji,
We’ve confirmed the performance of Kobayashi Tatsuya as the guest!

Please check out the details below

CHaCK-UP Official Blog
>>> http://yaplog.jp/chack-up/

14th November 2015 01:53:50
Happy Birthday
Aoharu-sensei came to the practice hall

It was sensei’s birthday the other day, and it’s almost Nagayan’s birthday, so everyone celebrated for them both

november 38.jpg

The daily special guest who practised through the whole play was Saotome Shouta.

november 39.jpg

Finally the opening day is near~!

The date changed, so the thing that’s released today is…

“Monthly Comic Gene”

And in it will be a newly written piece of work by Aoharu-sensei, the Aoharu Tetsudou practice hall report

We’ve become a manga

Please check it out, ne

november 41.jpg

I’ve preordered it on Amazon.

The internet is convenient, ne.

I’ve also preordered on Nagayan’s behalf, so 2 volumes.

Right, after I sleep, today is the dress rehearsal!

I can’t wait

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geebaby757: Chibi Sparkly Seigakugeebaby757 on December 8th, 2015 02:28 am (UTC)
Thanks again for all of the translations! I was really hoping that the Bakumatsu Rock entry was translated. Poor Kime got scared by the stuff fangirls live for. XD
LAUREN 「ローレン」 [로렌]innocenteyes04 on December 20th, 2015 06:57 pm (UTC)

(Sorry for the late reply...)
I'll get the posts I've missed translated soon!! Just need a day or two off with no distractions~
I can't wait to find that post though! Sounds hilarious!