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19 August 2015 @ 12:22 am
KimeBLOG Translations~ [150813] - [150818]  
15 posts!! (62 pages on Word...) Why did I think I could do this amount AND stay sane...? I hate Japanese grammar and slang (that I don't know about) just kills me... @_@ I think I've spent near 7 hours on this... (though I do drift off and find less confusing things at times...) Nevertheless, I LOVE translating Kime's blog posts (and wish this was a real job...), and if possible, I don't want to stop doing this!! No matter how much I complain! Haha!!

So, here's post no.s 2630 - 2644 (I finally got round to finding the real numbering, so I'll get the previous posts renumbered soon!! I haven't missed any, don't worry!

13th August 2015 00:32:14
Finally from tomorrow

Ultra Musical Bakumatsu Rock…

From tomorrow we’ll be performing twice a day for four consecutive days

Everyone, let’s get through this!

Let’s sharpen our lives!

Let’s charge our souls!

Finally I got a photo of Cindy


A different pattern than on Twitter.


With Naosuke. This one also has a different pattern.

A lot of official people came to Tokyo Genepro.

With Sueno Takuman.


Yuzu-chan who performed alongside Magical Reverb [1]


Dateko, Yagami Ren-chan, Kamo Toranomon, & Kakarichou, and YUNA-kun came
Right! Tomorrow onwards let’s rock~!

[1] I’mma shoot whoever came up with Japanese-shortening-slang… >_<;; マジリバ (MAJIRIBA) does NOT equal ‘Magical Reverb’…

13th August 2015 11:30:40
[From Staff] Go-Zen Visuals are now here! [1] [2]

GO-ZEN character visuals have been released!


Kimeru is playing “Fujiwara no Nakamaro”! [3]

The visuals for the other cast members have also been released!
Please check them out!

Script and Production Matsuda Ichidai
Dates17th (Thursday) ~ 20th (Sunday) September 2015. All 7 performances are confirmed
17th (Thursday) 7pm~
18th (Friday) 2pm~, 7pm~
19th (Saturday) 2pm~, 7pm~
20th (Sunday) 12:30pm~, 4:30pm~
LocationTheatre Sunmall
 “The very sound of the one who roars, is subordinate to the one born to become the incarnation of the dragon” [4]

ASSH’s initial works; “Carve it, blow your breath on my skin”, “The white skin of the spider” [5] will continue to be performed, as a 3 part neo-fiction piece of entertainment!
When the first performance was in theatres, real rain fell down, and the audience’s sobbing echoed, this was the starting point of “Matsuda World”.
Futhermore, the plays add up, welcoming wonderful guests to another magnificent showing!

Hayashi Akihiro, Sunoki Selen, Ukai Mondo (ASSH), Fuse Yuuya,
Akaba Mio, Nakamura Mai (ASSH), Oguri Ryo (ASSH),
Matsuzaki Yutaka, Gotou Takeru, Segawa Momoe, Shimozono Ayumi,
Sannomiya Yurika, Tajima Yuuri, Sumi Kotaro, Takizawa Kentaro
Ando Ayaka (ASSH), Hiroya (ASSH),
Kushida Azusa (ASSH), Maruyama Raiden (ASSH)
Yamasaki Kunta


Ticket Sale Date
26th (Friday) June 12pm~
All seating designated
Advanced tickets
S seats 6500¥ (front 2 rows only)
A seats 5500¥
On the day tickets
S seats 7000¥
A seats 6000¥

Ticket Sales
Confetti Ticket Center
Dedicated URL:  http://www.confetti-web.com/go-zen
tel: 0120-240-540 (weekdays10:00am 6:00pm)

[1] GO-ZEN, or轟然, means ‘roaring’ like from a thunderstorm.
[2] What a weird way to announce it… they used the kanji解禁, which mean ‘to lift a ban’… @_@
[3] Haha, once a ‘Fuji’, always a ‘Fuji’!! ^_^
[4] …This line could be horribly wrong…
[5] Let it be known that I HATE katakana, especially when used instead of normal hiragana… ¬_¬;; trying to decipher those titles took  waay longer than it should have…

14th August 2015 08:25:44
Second day of Bakumatsu Rock in Tokyo!

Yesterday, the curtain for Ultra Musical Bakumatsu Rock’s Tokyo performance opened safely! [1]

All that’s left, including today, is day 3!

Cheer us on, ne


As for Yata-sensee, I’m currently waiting for him to say something along the lines of “cute”.

Continually saying ‘cute cute’ is both a good thing and a bad thing (laugh)

Makkun and Yata-chan are saying ‘cute cute’ to each other in the dressing room, it’s chaos.

Who called for Teruzou-zan? Get on your knees. [2]

Then, Naosuke has to choose the candy for today as well.


[1] I think Kime’s going for a ‘it went off without a hitch’ kind-of meaning, here. ^_^
[2] This took far too long to ‘decode’, but I’m guessing that Kime’s giving off about Teruma being so tall, and making him and Yata look ‘petite’. XD Of course, this could all be totally wrong…

14th August 2015 21:10:04
[From Staff] “Cast Size News #29” Cast Confirmed

Nico Nico Douga Cast Size Channel
“Cast Size News #29

19th (Wednesday) August 2015 9pm~10pm broadcast

MC: Picnic
Guest: Kimeru, Watanabe Kazuki, Mizuisi Atomu, others

Cast Size Channel HP

15th August 2015 23:50:48
Tomorrow is the Senshuuraku

The third day of Ultra Musical Bakumatsu Rock is over!

Tomorrow, Bakumatsu Rock is over ~.

That went by somewhat quickly, naa~.

There’s also the live viewing in all the cinema theatres in Japan tomorrow!

It seems that my family will be going to Fukuoku. (to see it)

For those who can participate, it is the last UltraSuper Musical! With all one’s might together let’s rock!

Here’s the actor who will play Tokugawa Yoshinobu for today’s afternoon performance, Saigo Mitsuki♪ [1]


↑A different pattern than on Twitter


Then, after the performance I got a picture with Konitan as we head towards the Senshuuraku.


[1] Yup! Kime is sharing a role with a woman! Well, she does normally do male/masculine female roles.

16th August 2015 09:55:46

Today, UltraSuper Musical Bakumatsu Rock… is regrettably over.

I like everyone, just more two times. [1]

At 5pm is the big senshuuraku, a live viewing at cinema theatres nationwide

I’m waiting for the souls (cheers) from nationwide, ne

A picture with Otose-yan


The truth is…

Since I took a lot of lovely pictures, you’ll have wait for them.

Such as a cute Hide-chan-, Yata-senseeXMokkundi, ◯◯Ryouma –toka-, such as the Tokugawa-actor like this and that… [2]

I tried my hand at situation picture taking

Everyone is super cute.

Please wait anticipatedly

[1] Don’t ask me why he added the ‘I like everyone’ bit… doesn’t really fit there… anyhow.
[2] That is THE most vague description ever.

17th August 2015 14:55:11
UltraSuper Musical Bakumatsu Rock is over!

No way… before the big senshuuraku… my mobile phone blacked out again. [1]

It wouldn’t start up.

I really must be cursed.

Soon after buying it, why has it it’s broken twice in such a short timespan?

There’s no time to return while it’s being repaired!

Oh well, in that time, there’s always the cheers for the performance (laugh)

So, from today onwards I’ll be using an replacement mobile.

Photos I haven’t given you yet, such as a seriously cute Hide and everyone, and I’m glad the data didn’t jump.

That’s the only truth

But after it/they goes up, these images might have disappeared…

How frustrating!

Seriously (laugh)

By the way, the main topic!

UltraSuper Musical Bakumatsu Rock was able to end safely!


Thank you for your cheers, letters and presents~!

Was it enjoyable theatre-going to the venue and cinema theatres?

When the DVD and Blu-Ray are released, you can enjoy it at home, ne

For last night’s afterparty, we went to Karaoke no Tetsujin.

We sang with Ultra Musical’s image [2]

Rachi-kun also sang for us

Gorilla too (laugh)

I had a Yoshinobu drink


Ah, that’s right…

Yesterday’s performance had a problematic scene (laugh)

No matter how I think about it, Rachi-kun was looking at my face and said “come here” (laugh)

In the first performance he raised my chin for me, even though it was cute, in another showing, I was to regret facing my chin down (laugh) [3]

Kiss… I didn’t think it was to the extent that Rachi-kun wouldn’t enter the song…

Time for reflection.

…It was soft. ←Oi! [4]

Performance godphoto festival is scheduled for tonight

[1] Kime, that’s it… you’re not allowed a phone that isn’t an indestructible Nokia… though, you’d probably lose that… Hmm, we need a solution!
[2] I’m guessing they went to karaoke still in costume (or part-costume), that would’ve been hilarious to see!
[3] …this line… >_<;; *brain…broken…* I’m not even sure what this line is meant to mean… Japanese grammar kills me…
[4] KIME! WHAT?! Now, I don’t care which way you swing, but either don’t kiss guys, or don’t regret kissing guys… My heart can’t take this confusion… haha

17th August 2015 18:51:15
Performance Festival 5 [1]

Bishounen “Katsura onii-chan is cool

Katsura “Thank you very much”


Bishounen “Right? Teach me too♪”

Katsura “Sure, just leave it me”


Katsura “Yeah, like that!”

Bishounen “Thank you! I’ll do my best!”


Bishounen “welcome~!”

Otose “Oh, that’s good, isn’t it?”


Otose “So, next is for the customers over there!”

Bishounen “Ye~s! Here’s the pizza you’ve been waiting for~!”


Bishounen “Uwah!”

Otose “You! What are you doing!!”

Bishounen “Sorry”


Bishounen “Uwa~n (cries)”

Ii “Uesama…” [2]

After this, Otose was griped at by Ii Naosuke.

[1] For some reason, Kime has started with 5, and counting down… unlike the usual 1, 2, etc… To do this right, you would plan how many posts you’re gonna do, right? See the 3rd bottom post for the answer~
[2] 上様is literally ‘honoured person above me’, and can be used for the shogun or emperor.
I literally cannot with these ‘situational photos’… T^T tears of second-hand embarrassment, haha

17th August 2015 19:14:16
Performance Festival 4

Cindy “Katsura-san! Stop it!” [1]

Katsura “Shinsaku, prepare yourself!”


Bishounen “Uwah! Onii-chan-tachi what’s going on!?”


Katsura “Because Shinsaku has only thought of strange band names, so I’m punishing him”

Cindy “Katsura-san… (cries)”

Bishounen “Come on, please forgive Cindy-onii-chan”


Katsura “Impossible. I have to properly discipline him!”

Cindy “Katsura-sa~n!”

After that, Cindy’s calling voice echoed through the corridors.

[1] Can anyone tell me why Motohira Ota (who plays Takasugi Shinsaku) is being called ‘Cindy’?! I’m losing my mind here…

17th August 2015 19:44:25
Performance Festival 3

“You’ve arrived at the Passion Continent photoshoot!”

Kondou “Like this, after days of tempering, we won’t fail”


Hijikata “hmph! hmph!”

Okita “Hijikata-sa~n, that’s good~”


Hijikata “hmph! ……hmph!”

Okita “That’s right, that’s good that’s good♪”

Kondou “Souji!! You have to do it too!!”

Okita “Oka~y”

As he said that, Okita Souji left.

Kondou “So~uji~~~~!!!!”

For Director-general Kondou, today was also a disaster.

Hijikata “…hmm? Who’s that?!!!”


(It’s a Passion Continent photoshoot)

Hijikata “Don’t take photos when you please!!”

Hijikata “Iya…”

Hijikata “Take a photo of this-!!!!!!”


For Hijikata Toshizou-san, today was normal operations.

17th August 2015 20:24:43
Performance Festival 2

Yoshinobu “I also want to sing on a stage!”

Ii “Uesama!!! You cannot!”

Yoshinobu “I also want to sing in that lovely centerspot…”

Ii “…! ?... Wait a minute… (crash)”

(Ii Naosuke returns)

Ii “Fufufu”

Yoshinobu “Ah! Naosuke♪”

Yoshinobu “Blue sky~”

Ii “Uesama…” (bwish bwish) [1]


Ii “Wonderful…” (bwish bwish)


Yoshinobu “Spread your wi~ngs♪”


Ii “Hahahahahaha… Wonderful…”

Yoshinobu “Naosuke~! I am satisfied♪”

Ii “…Uesama, thank you… Here”

Yoshinobu “Uwa~! Candy~♪”


Yoshinobu “Naosuke, I lo~ve you I wonder which one I’ll eat first♪”


Ii “Uesama… fufufu…hahahahahaha, ha-hahahahahaha!”

For the Tokugawa household, today was peaceful.

[1] about ‘bwish bwish’, this is apparently the English version of ブンブンッ (bun bunn) which I’m guessing is the sound of Naosuke tapping his little lightstick to the beat *still laughing forever*
And yes, the box says “Uesama’s candy”, haha Methinks Uesama is bit of a kid~

17th August 2015 21:10:57
Performance Festival 1

“Bonus Scenario Recreation Attempt (laugh)”
↑ It’s a game, ne.

If I write the details, it’ll be a spoiler, so I’ve purposely not written anything ne.

So, no matter what I wanted to try a recreation (laugh)

Don’t make fun of the Bakumatsu Rock love! (laugh)

Is it gonna be Peaceful? (laugh) [1]

Cute Ryouma




Why is it that these two have been paired up, I wonder, once you’ve cleared the game, you can check out the bonus scenario, ne


Although this is an absurd request just before the play, thank you for willingly accepting it everyone…

Especially Rachi-kun! I truly thank you, I love you (laugh)

Wait, we can still count to zero~!

[1] I’m guessing that泰平化, or ‘Peaceful’ is the name of a song or scene/chapter in Bakumatsu Rock (I wish I could watch it, then all these references would make sense… T^T)

17th August 2015 22:09:30
Performance Festival Zero [1]

“Yoshinobu gave the dessert-loving Sou-chan a strawberry cake”

Okita “Piglet-chan, thank you for the cake!” [2]


Okita “Mmm, it’s looks really tasty♪”


Okita “It can’t be helped~, shall we eat it together?”


Everyone is happy (laugh)

Truly thank you very much to everyone who cheered for Super Ultra Musical Bakumatsu Rock!

The last one is a super cute one I took (laugh) of Sou-chan.

I thought these uploaded images were still gone yesterday (my mobile phone is broken, and still won’t start up) and me, who wanted them for the big senshuuraku, ne.

I expected them to upload way out of order (laugh) [3]

The results are all right, I suppose (laugh)

Did everyone enjoy the performance festival, I wonder?

To those who thought they enjoyed it even just a lit~tle bit, the thanks goes to Okita (laugh)

From now on, please show your support for Bakumatsu Rock!

To the cast who kept me company, I really love you

I love you~ [4]

I can’t wait until the day we can all meet up again

I’ll keep cheering you on

[1] Yup, Kime can’t count, haha. Only joking, don’t hit me!!              
[2] Right, why did he call Kime (Yoshinobu) a piglet??
[3] Damn this line… ¬_¬;;
[4] I can totally hear Kime’s cute way of saying愛してるよ~while reading this~~ ^///^

18th August 2015 11:02:58

Since Super Ultra Musical Bakumatsu Rock is over, from today until September I’ll be rehearsing for the GO-ZEN performances.

I’m playing the part of Fujiwara no Nakamaro.


Now that you see him, he’s obviously a good character. ←Oi- (laugh)

Today is getting to know everyone & reading the script.

I’m meeting another new piece & character (^-^)/

Yesterday I had a meal with Kage.


As well as restoring our throats, we had meat!

Even though I promised, as my phone has been broken since the other day, on the day until the last minute I couldn’t contact him, it was a such bad thing.

Kage’s going to Dolfes in October to cheer, so I’ll meet up with him again.

Because we’re tired, we wanted to eat sweet things, so we had crêpes.

150818-04 actually 03.jpg

This crêpe’s fresh cream part isn’t fresh cream, it’s actually yoghurt cream, so I felt refreshed and it was so delicious

Right! I’m off to rehearsals!

18th August 2015 22:26:10
GO-ZEN Meet-up

Did the GO-ZEN meet-up & script reading.


What kind of character should I do? I had a talk with the producer and scriptwriter Ichidai-san.

Even though is doing , the s are the characters that do … [1]

What should I do (laugh)

For the time being, this time I’m the baddie (laugh)

So, when I get home, I have to memorise the script.

Tomorrow is Recording and rehearsals and a Nico live broadcast!

I’ll do my best. [2]

[1] Don’t worry, this line isn’t meant to make sense anyway, he couldn’t give out spoilers, now could he?
[2] He used this again! (the last time I saw him use it was 2011, but w/e) what dialect is this?! がんばんべ

Finally! It's done!! Time for bed!!!
LAUREN 「ローレン」 [로렌]innocenteyes04 on August 19th, 2015 09:41 am (UTC)

Thanks! Calling him Cindy kinda confused me, haha Hopefully the links do work *fingers crossed* thanks again!! ♡