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27 August 2015 @ 10:43 pm
KimeBLOG Translations~ [150820] - [150827]  
Yaay~~! 6 more posts!

Post no.s 2645 - 2650!

20th August 2015 00:19:38
Cast Size News

That was Cast Size News.

A cute Atomu and a noisy Kazuki.


↑ A different version to that on Twitter

We had a discussion about life… If it was even a little bit helpful, we’re happy

And, the days added up… it’s the 20th.

Happy Birthday to Cindy’s older brother

21st August 2015 12:15:35
[From Staff] GO-ZEN Kimeru Ticket Form/Home Open to the Public

A dedicated Kimeru ticket form for GO-ZEN, is now officially open!

To those who haven’t yet purchased a ticket, definitely please purchase one

Performance Details

Script and Production Matsuda Ichidai

Dates17th (Thursday) ~ 20th (Sunday) September 2015. All 7 performances are confirmed
17th (Thursday) 7pm~
18th (Friday) 2pm~, 7pm~
19th (Saturday) 2pm~, 7pm~
20th (Sunday) 12:30pm~, 4:30pm~

LocationTheatre Sunmall
 “The very sound of the one who roars, is subordinate to the one born to become the incarnation of the dragon”

ASSH’s initial works; “Carve it, blow your breath on my skin”, “The white skin of the spider” will continue to be performed, as a 3 part neo-fiction piece of entertainment!
When the first performance was in theatres, real rain fell down, and the audience’s sobbing echoed, this was the starting point of “Matsuda World”.
Futhermore, the plays add up, welcoming wonderful guests to another magnificent showing!

Hayashi Akihiro, Sunoki Selen, Ukai Mondo (ASSH), Fuse Yuuya,
Akaba Mio, Nakamura Mai (ASSH), Oguri Ryo (ASSH),
Matsuzaki Yutaka, Gotou Takeru, Segawa Momoe, Shimozono Ayumi,
Sannomiya Yurika, Tajima Yuuri, Sumi Kotaro, Takizawa Kentaro
Ando Ayaka (ASSH), Hiroya (ASSH),
Kushida Azusa (ASSH), Maruyama Raiden (ASSH)
Yamasaki Kunta


Ticket Sale Date
26th (Friday) June 12pm~
All seating designated
Advanced tickets
S seats 6500¥ (front 2 rows only)
A seats 5500¥
On the day tickets
S seats 7000¥
A seats 6000¥

Ticket Sales
Confetti Ticket Center
Dedicated URL:  http://www.confetti-web.com/go-zen
tel: 0120-240-540 (weekdays10:00am 6:00pm)

[0] This whole post was a repeat of the one from the 13th August 2015 [post no. 2631]

23rd August 2015 11:36:14
One long day

Yesterday, I was recording two songs and had a meeting, they finished early so I quickly went to the goods hall at the theatre where “Child’s Toy” was playing.


The children are cute!

The kid with the glasses, probably begins to like Strong-kun (laugh) ← Not Ikkei with his sunglasses ← Ikkei was interesting. [1]

It’s been a long time since CHaCK-UP went on stage, it was fun

I was able to see that Maru is the leader of the children (laugh)

Then, it appears that today (22nd) is Happy Friday Night Bernard’s first solo live, they’ve moved to Shibuya’s Yoshimoto Theatre [2]

Happy Friday Night Bernard’s Hagi-chan is an actor I met at GACKT-san’s gym. [3]

I saw Hagi-chan in a place where he did manzai, skits and such, but it was super funny!

Congratulations on your first solo live!

After that, I was quickly called away to Weakling pedal, to a Pedaste meeting. ← Weakling Pedal didn’t arrive (laugh) [4]

It looked like there was an event today.

During the performance, Suzuki Hiroki came back from abroad, and like that Ooyama Makkun [5] and various members dashed over to be there, that was super fun←The picture is up on Twitter

As expected, they’re good friends. ← It’s because, you didn’t show up.

So, over there I knew Nitta Kenta who was having his birthday, and I acted alongside in ‘Legend of the Dragon’s Son’ [6], as he moved his face appeared.

Too much movement.

There were so many people there, so we just greeted his without entering, the members who didn’t go in went to eat udon then came back.

Ah, it was long.

The recording was just a little while ago, but I can’t wait

[1] Yamamoto Ikkei plays the part of Sagami Rei in “Child’s Toy”
[2] 花金means “Happy Friday Night” or “TGIF” and apparently isn’t used anymore… this is why  I kinda hate slang… And花金バーナード is a creative agency that is a part of Yoshimoto Theatre.
[3] I didn’t know GACKT had a gym?!
[4] Kinda like how Prince of Tennis Musical was called Tenimyu, Weakling Pedal Stage Musical is being called PedaSute, or Pedaste.
[5] Ooyama Masashi
[6] 龍狼伝 – Legend of the Dragon’s Son, this play/musical was on between 2nd ~ 6th May 2015.

24th August 2015 15:39:08
PV completion & VAMPS

Today, we practiced for GO-ZEN.

The PV for the play “GO-ZEN” is finished!

It’s public from today

17th (Thursday) ~ 20th (Sunday) of September
Theatre Sun Mall

Dedicated Kimeru Ticket Form

I’m playing Fujiwara no Nakamaro (^-^

Yesterday, I went to VAMPS’ Beast Party.


Because we had a meat festival before the live, I ate garlic butter sticks and kebabs

The live was also seriously enjoyable


26th August 2015 12:19:25
[From Staff] Musical “Aoharu Tetsudou” Official Advance Reservation Notification

Musical “Aoharu Tetsudou”

On 13th (Sunday) September, ahead of the general sales of tickets, official advance reservation will be carried out.

For details, please check out the URL below.

(Performance Details)
“Aohoru Tetsudou”
Dates: 18th (Wednesday) ~ 23rd (Monday – Holiday) November 2015
Theatre: Zenrosai Hall Space Zero
Script / Staging / Song Lyrics :  Kawajiri Keita (SUGARBOY)
Original Work: “Aoharu Tetsudou” (KADOKAWA Media Factory / [Comic Walker] on-going)
Original writer: Aoharu
Cast: Takigawa Eiji, Kimeru, Nagayama Takashi, Abe Yoshitsugu, Moriyama Eiji, Gomoto Naoya
Official homepage: http://www.marv.jp/special/aoharutetsudou/
Official blog: http://aoharumusical.jugem.jp/
Official Twitter: @aoharu_musical
Performance related inqueries:
Corporation Marvelous User Support TEL: 0120-57-7405 (Excluding Saturday Sunday and designated holidays, line is open 11:00~17:00)
Sponsorship: Marvelous / Nelke Planning / KADOKAWA Media Factory

27th August 2015 14:00:32
[From Staff] “Aoharu Tetsudou” Volume 2 Visual Short PV Release

With a gathered cast of 13 names, volume 2 visuals & musical “Aoharu Tetsudou” PV short ver. is complete!

27th (Thursday) August, at 2pm, is now available on the official site!

Official Site

jjlee1jjlee1 on August 31st, 2015 01:13 am (UTC)
Omg!!! “Aohoru Tetsudou” has my favorite actors!! It's like the original tenimyu all over again! Looking forward to Aoharu with Takigawa Eiji, Kimeru, Nagayama Takashi, Abe Yoshitsugu, Moriyama Eiji, Gomoto Naoya. Please let me know when it comes out!!
LAUREN 「ローレン」 [로렌]innocenteyes04 on August 31st, 2015 01:36 am (UTC)

I know! I legit started squee-ing when I read each name! First gen. Seigaku for life, haha Aoharu Tetsudou will be onstage from the 18th 'til the 23rd of November. I've no idea when it'll be released on DVD and such... if you find out before me, let me know, ne~? ♡