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02 October 2015 @ 04:11 pm
KimeBLOG Translations - [150918] - [151001]  

...I meant to post this on Monday, but then I had to wait about for a phone interview for a job, on Tuesday I had a group assessment, and then ANOTHER phone interview on Wednesday... I got the job though~ ^_^ (and I start on Monday!!) I also got a kitten on Tuesday~ Busy few days... haha

Here's posts no.s 2667-2678~

18th September 2015 22:39:32
2nd day of GO-ZEN

The second day of GO-ZEN is over!

Today a lot of people came to see it

I got a picture with the talk guest Hiro Kazuki and Nitta Kenta who I acted alongside in Ryuurouden


↑We took the picture together, but it started with two people (laugh)

I got a picture with tonight’s talk guest Mae-chan♪


Doi came to the night performance.

Although it’s been a long time since he’s met me, at Mouse Boy when I met up with Mao, we went to his house to change clothes for ShouHari♪ (laugh) [1]


It’s a little hard to see, but it was a rainbow pattern (laugh)

Doi-san looks the most energetic

And, the other day I met Tomii at Corda.

I got a picture with the West Side Story group, including Momo♪


And, and. [2]

Ippei, who I acted alongside in Teacher!

A reunion after such a long time!

I got a picture of the Teacher group and the Heroine Seren♪


A lot of other people came as well♪

Thank you very much for your letters and such and your cheers today!

[1] At least I think that’s what happened…
[2] He literally wrote “and x2”, how cute~~

21st September 2015 12:51:35

Musical “GO-ZEN” ended safely!

It was enjoyable how passionate the cast were during the play!!

To everyone who came to see it!

To everyone who cheered from a long way away!

Thank you very much!

The last day’s performance will be out on DVD, so to those who came to see it, and to those who couldn’t, definitely please check it out♪

I’ll give you some ‘during GO-ZEN’ pictures.

The day after tomorrow is the Cast Size event♪

Troupe leader, Akki, who played Biyomaru, and Macchan, who played Riki.



At the cast party, since I pranked Macchan, he chased me around a lot (laugh)

I managed to get away though (laugh)

Two adults playing tag at a cast party (laugh)

Thank you so much for the flowers!


[0] I have no idea why the bottom of the flower pic is messed up... it just saved like that (twice)...

21st September 2015 13:03:50

Yesterday, Sueno Takuman and Tatsuki who I acted alongside in Ryuurouden, came to see GO-ZEN.


Then, on the second day, Shiota Kouhei came to see it.


Here’s a picture of Seren, who plays Mana.

I’ve acted alongside her since Teacher!



I got a picture with the Dragon-god, Maru-chan, and the Water-god Jiima♪


21st September 2015 13:10:54

Here’s Takahashi-san who performed the shamisen + all of the villagers + the three-headed dragon & the five-headed dragon


Ken-chan, who played Yorozu.


I got a picture with Yurika, who plays Akina.


Mai Mai, who plays Shara


Ayaka, who played the Seven-headed dragon.


21ST September 2015 13:19:33

Here’s my wife, Fujiwarano Sadako, played by Kushii + Macchan’s back (laugh)


My house-servant Mada, played by Hiroya.


↑ Sadako changed into Sadako. [1]

Then, I got a picture with my two house-servants when Yamaguchi came in


I seemed to fluff my lines when I left, so my house-servant Yamaguchi came when he was called, I had such able servants. [2]

[1] He’s playing on the fact that both names have the same pronunciation, Sadako. (定子 and貞子)
[2] Yay for Yamaguchi!! He was definitely on the ball! Coming on stage to make it look like Kime didn’t mess-up his line even when he technically didn’t have to. ^_^ The show must go on!

21st September 2015 13:32:28

Biyomaru’s childhood friend team.

Koujamaru actor Monda. He also played the part of my son (laugh)



Until the second-to-last day, it was discovered that Akkii, instead of saying “Koujamaru”, he said “Koujimaru”! Laughing so much at this.

He was given advice when someone heard “Koujimaru”, he really said it like that (laugh)

Since practice until the last day, no one noticed (laugh)

During a passionate performance ,ne (laugh)

Even though he died for Biyomaru, his name will be remembered wrongly, Koujamaru, poor thing (laugh)

I got a picture with Rei, played by Mio

I’ve acted alongside him since Rock’n Jam Musical.


Ume-chan, who played Shuu.


Although she plays a bad character, Shuu’s a child↓


21st September 2015 13:50:50
GO-ZEN last

I got a picture with Samu-san, who played Genken, and Yuuya, who played Tameyoshi



I can’t find a single fault with Samu-san when he was on stage, but backstage he was chatting away in the seat next to me.

Whether in the play or in private, he’s a cool Onii-san.

We’ve gotten so close, like on the last day, we were rolled up, roaring with laughter, two people with tears flowing from laughing so much/hard (laugh)

Samu-san, you made me laugh the most this year (laugh)

At Senshuuraku, there was a different meaning to the crying backstage, it was an unforgettable performance (laugh)

Backstage, the person opposite me was Kunta, who played the nine-headed dragon.

I acted alongside him around the time of Ryuurouden

I teased him the whole time (laugh)


Lastly is a parents-and-child picture. [1]


Although we don’t look like parents and their child (laugh)

As for Yuuya, who played Tameyoshi and Mio, who played Rei, we’ll be in the Cast Size event together in two days time

[1] I’m LOVING the ‘b*tch-face- Kime is showing off here!! ^_^

23rd September 2015 12:02:36
Cast Size News

The Cast Size News event is over!

Everyone participated in the event wearing jinbee. [1]



We greeted the guests from room 2, Tomoru and Sato-chin as we moved to the next place.

I’ve a little bit of work to do, so I’m off to the recording studio!

I’ll do my best.

[1] Jinbee are casual summer jacket and trousers for men (甚兵衛)

27th September 2015 22:47:10


We met unexpectedly.

We haven’t met since the Yowasute assembly!?

I could see drumming in the distance, so for the time being, greetings were left hanging (laugh)

Yuuki is doing his best as the main actor in Kamen Teacher, somehow, I’d like to go watch it.

Idol cheer preparations also started today

This time, since Nakashin-san and Master are the main ones to cheer for, wave your “Orange” penlights

29th September 2015 14:23:32
[From Staff] 15th Anniversary Live Event Official Priority Ticket Details Announcement!

Details of official priority tickets announcement!

Kimeru 15th Anniversary Live Event 2015
5th (Saturday) December 2015
Moon Romantic (Aoyama)
11:30am Doors Open / 12:00pm Event Starts
Free Seating

Application Page
You cannot apply from the Desk Garage official HP.
Please definitely access through the application page URL above.

Lottery Entry Period
12:00pm 1st (Thursday) October 2015 ~ 13:00pm 20th (Tuesday) October 2015

Announcement of the Lottery Results will be on the day
The night of the 20th (Tuesday) October 2015

Regarding the Information Desk
To apply, use the Desk Garage Internet Ticket sales site “GET TICKET”
For first-time users of “GET TICKET”, it is necessary to register as a member (free)
Official Information Desk, it is not necessarily that priority seating are the good seats, please note that reference numbers are not prepared beforehand.

After applying, to change your address or confirm your application contents (Lottery Results), use these sites
<PC/Smartphone> http://diskgarage.com/getticket/support.html
<Mobile (Garake-> http://k.getticket.jp/cs/

[Information Desk Contact Details]
Desk Garage 050-553300888 (Weekdays 12:00pm-7:00pm)

30th September 2015 16:39:02
[From Staff] Radio Appearance Confirmed!

After the broadcast has ended, you can listen to it through On-Demand or Podcast

 OA Schedule: 10pm~ 5th (Monday) October
 Personality: Onodera Manabu / Motoya Akihito
 Guest: Katou Mao, Kimeru
 Broadcast Office: Radio NIKKEI number 1

1st October 2015 12:12:56
It’s now October!
To those who have birthdays this month, happy birthda~y (^-^)/


Have a lovely yearキラキラ

Yesterday was… since it was my mother’s birthday, a friend that I’m related to through my mother helped my set up a surprise party.

She was very happy.

The party was lot of fun

(Starting from today)
Sale of the priority tickets for the Attraction Live starts!

Zoom! Swoop! Be careful of the sharp turn! [1]

5th (Saturday) December
Moon Romantic (Aoyama)
Doors open 11:30am / Event starts 12:00pm

Lottery Entry Period
Until 1:00pm on the 20th (Tuesday) October

[1] Kime… I’ll have what you’re having, haha

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